Pacific Sweeping currently services more than 100 homeowner associations and residential communities, working together to enhance community environments, property values and helping keep our storm drain systems free from everyday traffic pollution and construction debris.

Pacific Sweeping operates the largest locally based fleet of modern street and parking lot sweepers.

All our drivers are highly trained and experienced operators who apply best sweeping practices to comply with all Federal and State EPA mandates.


Every day, we sweep and clean the parking lots, pavements, entryways and service streets for than 200 commercial and retail property management companies. Our "on call" and contracted services cover every part of San Diego county and surrounding territories.

Pacific Sweeping has a large, modern, PM10 Rule 1186 compliant fleet of power sweepers designed to clean effectively, reliably and quietly almost any type of road and paved surface in almost any type of community - residential, commercial, retail or military.


Pacific Sweeping has a comprehensive range of sweeping and cleaning equipment for the construction industry. Our operators apply best sweeping practices for all our road construction and property development projects, helping to facilitate a high growth market segment with environmental preservation.

Cannon Pacific Services, Inc., dba Pacific Sweeping has been working with public and private construction companies throughout the San Diego county for more than forty years. Experience and longevity have been central in continually growing our business, improving our services and delighting our customers.


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